Tales of the Curious and Unexplained:

The House on Colonial Oaks

I spent my mid to late teenage years living in a house on Colonial Oaks road on the northside of Dayton, TX. We moved into the house not long after my parents divorced, and from the get go, the house was weird. The previous owner had left a few things behind in closets and whatnot. As we scavenged through the place, we found a Ouija board as well as some old Dungeons & Dragons magazines. I wasn't into D&D yet but finding those things like we did just seemed "off" at the time.

While staying alone in the house, I always felt creeped out. I know there were times when my mom would come home to find her fifteen year old son on the couch with every gun in the house, loaded, and laid out on the coffee table. I'm telling you, the place was super creepy when you were there at night, and especially when you were by yourself. Here are a couple of stories that I would like to share:

Little Brother Freak Out - One evening, we were all just hanging out in the house and I remember my younger brother walking into the kitchen and then letting out a scream of sorts before dropping to the floor in absolute terror. He claimed to have seen a man standing outside the windows at the back of the house. We investigated but there was no one to be found. I truly believe he saw something because it really freaked him out and he was visibly shaken for nearly an hour after. Personally, after that, I often got the feeling that someone was watching me through those windows. More than likely just my imagination because of my brother's experience, but perhaps not.

The Big Boom - One night, my girlfriend and I had the house to ourselves and we were fooling around in bed when we heard this incredibly loud boom come from an adjacent room that shook the whole house. We quickly got up, got dressed, and left. After dropping her off at her house, I went and picked up one of my best friends. Armed with a golf club and a wooden short fighting stick (my buddy was into martial arts), we went back to the house to have a look around. We found nothing, and no sign of anything that could have fallen over to make such a loud noise. 

The Ouija Board - My friends and I used to enjoy playing with the Ouija board that we had found in the house when we moved in. One night, one of my friends and I were playing around on it, asking stupid teenager type questions (Who will be the love of my life? Answer: Someone named Farah who I have yet to meet)  :)  Anyway, one of my much younger cousins was staying over and while watching us, accused us of moving the planchette (that's what the pointy thing is called -- I had to Google it). We both denied moving the thing and asked my cousin to ask the spirit(s) something that we couldn't possibly know. My cousin's father had passed away when he was young, and neither myself nor my friend knew his dad. He asked, "What was my father's middle name?" To this day, I couldn't tell you what his dad's middle name was but whatever was talking through that board sure as hell did. He immediately broke into tears and ran to my mom. I'm fairly certain that we stopped playing with the Ouija board after that.

Something Apparently Doesn't Care For The Exorcist Movie - In my mother's room, she had a VCR, and a TV, and I'd occasionally go in there to watch movies away from my little brothers. Well, one day I decided to watch The Exorcist in there. When the movie got to the part where she starts stabbing herself in the crotch with the crucifix, the movie stopped; like as if someone had hit the stop button on the VCR. I didn't think much of it because VCRs could be finicky so I got up, hit play on the VCR, and laid back down on the bed. Not three seconds later, the movie not only stops, but the video ejects. I didn't finish watching the movie that day.

A couple of years later, the house burned down; trying to take me with it but that's a story for another time. The fire wasn't anything "paranormal", though, with that house, there's really no telling. The house was eventually rebuilt and later sold. I have no idea if there were any further events after we moved out.
Written By: Don S.