Tales of the Curious and Unexplained:

I Am Not A Witch

This story is not a ghost story but a story that has haunted me for years. 

When I was in eighth grade, about 13 years old, my mom started looking at me differently. I would say something just out of anger usually and it would come to reality. i.e. I for some reason became mad at my sister's boyfriend and I said I wish he would get sick and the next day he was in the hospital. There were a few other things I said that happened. I don't really remember what they were, but my mom did. I thought it was silly because I never meant what I said. This finally passed, but my mom did believe I was a witch. Which was silly. but then to put gas on the fire I started dating and my boyfriend would do things behind my back. 

First thing he went to a football game without me with his friends. I had know idea he was out but I remember beads hanging on my dresser falling and a weird feeling. I later got a call from my boyfriend telling me that had a head on collision on the way home. The second was he went out with a friend without telling me and a drunk got hold of them and almost beat them. There were a few more things that happened so he made sure he always told me where he was going. Of course my mom added it to her witch belief. If you asked the boyfriend he most likely will not remember because he never remembers. I later married him. He would leave in the morning sometimes without waking me so I won't tell him to be careful. On those days, things would happen. He hit a horse in the morning and another he ran into the ditch. As before there were a couple other things so to say the least he would not leave the house until I said to be careful. I think he started to believe my mom. 

One day I was working at Southeastern, I was in my office with my secretary and a lady walked through the front doors. She turned to look at me and started yelling you've got the power. I looked at my secretary and asked her what she said and the lady yelled again you've got the power and then looked around the office and said she got the power. I wave for her to come into my office because everyone was looking at her like she was crazy. I asked her why she was saying that. She said I had the power and there was a group of witches that I needed to see. I politely told her I did not have any powers and if I had I didn't want to know. She gave me a card and a book and left. I threw away the card. 

The next thing to happen was I went to a therapist for an eating disorder and when I walked in the room she said oh my god. I stopped and looked around  not knowing what had happened. I knew I had a weird look on my face like what the heck. She proceeded to say oh my god your aura. Your aura is hung and I've never seen those colors. She said when you entered the room my aura filled it with the brightest colors she had ever seen. To say the least it was the one and only time I went to her. She said she couldn't treat me and I didn't want her to. She gave me another doctor's name which was a little better but had a few odd things to say. It didn't stop there. 

My ex and his new wife thought I put a boil in my ex where it shouldn't have been. Then they were talking bad about me and the swing fell on their legs. Of course I had nothing to do with this. I thought all this nonsense was over until this year. I met a practicing witch that would buy halloweenish jewelry from me. She said she could tell I had a gift. I just looked at her and said I don't want to know. Then I met another witch which again said he knew I had the gift. I said again no. He later called me and asked if I could talk to a friend's dad for her. I told him I'd rather not because I don't know him. He proceeded to tell me that dad was dead and he knew I could speak to the dead. I told him no. I can not speak to the dead. That friendship is no more. I am not a witch and I do not speak to the dead.
Written By: Era S.