Tales of the Curious and Unexplained:

The Helping Light

Grandpa Smesny told a story of when he was young. A man came to their house to get grandpa's daddy. Grandpa wanted to go and he was told no. The man's wife was very ill.

Grandpa snuck out to go to the house; he kept hollering at his dad in front of him. He couldn't decide it if was him or not. But in front of him was a white light that glowed in the night. He was crying and calling for his daddy. He was running and couldn't catch up to the light. When he finally made it to the house. Grandpa asked his daddy why he didn't wait for him. His daddy said they had been there for a while. He told his dad he was right in front of him. He said there was no way they were at the house for a while. The lady had died about 15-minutes ago which was the time grandpa saw the light which he followed.

The light had just disappeared when they got to the house. They believe the lady's spirit helped grandpa to get to the house. Grandpa did not know where they lived.
Written By: Era S.