Tales of the Curious and Unexplained:

A Night With My Great Grandparents

Girl sitting in bed looking at silhouettes of people outside while her grandmother sleeps.
There were always stories of hauntings in my life. The one I'm going to tell you now is 100% true, without a doubt as it happened to me personally. As a child, I was always with my grandma. We would sleep in the same room. Not the same bed, just the room. I have always had trouble sleeping. One night I was looking around listening to grandma snore. I looked out on the screen porch at the washer and dryer. I had to take a second look because there were two people sitting on the washer and dryer.

I finally decided that it was clothes piled on the washer. I finally fell asleep and didn't even think about going to the porch to see what was there. I woke up the next morning and ran to the porch and there was nothing there. I walked into the kitchen and told my grandma. She told me not to worry as it was only her mom & dad. They were my great grandma & grandpa. This was only the beginning. After seeing them it opened up to seeing other things.

I would wake up at night to the clicking of the stove. Grandma had a gas stove that would make a clicking noise before the stove lights. Then the lights will go on and off. The pots and pans start banging together. The water would go on & off. Sometimes I could smell bacon cooking & hear the popping of the bacon. I would wake up at day break and run into the kitchen excited to see pots & pans in the sink and grease on the stove. This happened everytime I stayed the night. I loved staying there. My great grandparents were a part of my life.
Written By: Era S.
Illustrated by: Kera S.